MVP Driving School was founded to provide safe and professional driving instruction to new drivers in the Houston, TX area. We serve hundreds of students each year and our fully licensed driving school is trusted by adults and teenagers alike to provide a patient, courteous, and safe driving experience.

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Driving is a privilege that all teenagers look forward to. It has become a rite of passage into adulthood and signifies freedom and independence.

MVP Driving School is certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) to provide the driving teen course for licensure.

We are an insured and bonded company with qualified, trained and degreed driving coaches to facilitate your driving needs.

At MVP Driving School, you are our Most Valued Passenger.

We will assist you or your teens to become safe, practical and conscientious drivers. We offer the permit test after 3 days of class. Drive times are concurrent or after the 32 hrs class time. Think of it, you can have your permit in hands after only 3 classes!

Come in and register anytime for this convenient class. 32 hours classroom and Learners Permit test done online. 7 hours behind-the-wheel and 7 hours observation done at MVP Driving School.   

No more going to class in person for 4 weeks. Do it at your leisure in the comfort of your home. Great for athletes and students who work. Also great for parents who have no time to drop kids off to driver’s ed every evening.

32-hrs classroom instructions
7-hrs drive times (plus 7-hrs observation)
Permit test
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To use our car for road test

MVP Driving School Difference

  • DRIVING PERMIT AFTER THE 3rd Class session.
  • You can begin drive times with your learner’s permit.
  • Spacious classroom with convenient location.
  • Optimum learning environment with small class and individualized attention.
  • Degreed, qualified, professional, state compliant and safe instructors/coaches.
  • Patient and effective instructions in class and in car.
  • Marked improvement with each behind-the wheel drive time.

The State of Texas Legislative Changes Effective May 1, 2010

Parents should note that in addition to the 14 hours of In-car instruction received at a Licensed Driver Education School such as MVP Driving School, there is a requirement of an additional 30 hours of Behind-the-Wheel driving, 10 of the 30 hours must be done at night. The additional 30 hours:

  • Will be monitored by the parent or guardian
  • Must be completed in the presence of an individual
  • Who holds a valid driver’s license

MVP Driving School will give each parent or guardian a log at the time of registration. The completed, signed log must be turned in to the Department of Public Safety along with the final paperwork from MVP Driving School.


If you the parent or guardian is too busy or is simply not up to the challenge to do the additional required in-car 30-hrs instruction, we can help.

MVP Driving Schoolcan provide the additional 30-hrs drive time to student for additional fee of $800. We will get everything done and turned into DPS.

We look forward to hearing from you!   

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